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Tanktastic Reviews: C1 Ariete

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~ History ~
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History ~
The project that led to the development of the first Italian main battle tank started in the early 1980s; however, it was heavily slowed down by the decision of giving priority to the development of a wheeled tank destroyer with the firepower of the Leopard 1, the main battle tank then in service with the Italian Army, but with greater strategic mobility: the B1 Centauro.
The chassis and engine were to be produced by Iveco, while the turret and fire-control system were to be supplied by Oto Melara.
However, by the time the tank's development had actually started and the prototypes passed trials, the Cold War had already ended and the project was subsequently slowed down once again: deliveries were first planned for 1993, but in fact took place in 1995 due to said delays. Final delivery occurred in August 2002.

During the first years of adoption, the Ariete MBT showed some deficiencies regarding the powerplant. While the original V12 1,250 hp FIAT-Iveco MTCA (Modular Turbo-Charged Aftercooler) was a coupling of two of the V6 engines used by several Italian Army vehicles such as the Centauro tank destroyer and the Dardo IFV, it produced less power than the most advanced contemporary western designs. The Ariete's engine had to run at a high RPM to perform well, thus reducing the operating time between failures.
Moreover, to retain a good power-to-weight ratio, the total weight of the tank had to be kept below 60 tonnes. The relatively light weight of the Ariete helped lower consumption and facilitated the transport and mobility of the MBT (especially over bridges). This was obtained partially at the expense of the thickness of the armour that, only partially compensated by the good ballistic shape of the vehicle, raised some doubt about its ability to survive in the harshest environments.

As an improvement, Iveco developed a new version of the MTCA engine. The stroke was lengthened, increasing displacement to 30 litres, with a new common rail direct fuel injection system along a new double turbocharger, increasing power output to 1200kW (1600hp) at 1800rpm (with an electronically reduced torque of 5500N·m, maintained from 1100 to 1800rpm to reduce damage to the transmission) and further reducing fuel consumption. The new engine had to be adopted during the first general revision of the existing vehicles, but seems to have been blocked by technical and financial problems. As for the armour, Oto Melara developed two different sets (with different thickness) of adjunctive armour, shown for the first time at Eurosatory 2002.

~ In-Game Overview ~

The C1 Ariete is a mid-to-high tier Italian main battle tank and, despite showing some undeniable signs of aging, it still represents one of the latest and most technologically-advanced MBTs in the world, especially when taking into account its extensive update programme.
  • Silver currency purchase price: 12,000 coins. This purchase option is unlocked once reaching rank 34, First Lieutenant Grade 2.
  • Gold currency purchase price1,200 coins. This purchase option is unlocked once reaching rank 30, Second Lieutenant Grade 2.
Despite not being among the highest-tier units featured in the NATO tech tree,the C1 Ariete definitely holds its ground against anything it may face, arguably being one of the best MBTs at its tier range.
  • Tier development: level 50 to level 60.
  • Tech tree: NATO tech tree - Italian line.

~ Modules and Upgrades ~

C1 Ariete's starting stats:
• Health: 733.0
• Armor: 193.0
• Damage: 421.0
• Speed: 42.0
• Reloading speed: 2.9
• Turret rotation speed: 20.0
• Damage per minute: 8710.4

Fully upgraded C1 Ariete's stats:
• Health: 842.0
• Armor: 348.0
• Damage: 550.0
• Speed: 58.1
• Reloading speed: 2.4
• Turret rotation speed: 34.0
• Damage per minute: 13750.0

• Hull upgrades: two-tier hull upgrade available. (Upgrade class II)

The C1 Ariete features a two-tiers hull upgrade; both are required in order to acquire most upgrades and don't change the tank's appearance; as of patch 1.22.

Health pool:
• Health pool upgrades: three-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class III)

The C1 Ariete features a three-tier health pool upgrade. Despite the remarkable number of tiers, the resulting amount of hit points is actually nothing to particularly stare in awe at; though you are definitely going to survive a few engagements and shot exchange.

Armour and Active Protection System:
• Passive armor upgrades: three-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class III)
• Reactive armor upgrade: no upgrades available. (N.A.)
• Spaced armor upgrades: two-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class II)
• Active protection system (APS) upgrades: one-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class I)

The hull and turret are of all welded steel construction with enhanced armour protection over the frontal arc; armour is a steel and composite blend, similar to the British Challenger 2 and the American M1 Abrams. The crew is protected from nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) warfare by an NBC protection system developed by Sekur SpA in Rome. The protection of the tank is also enhanced by using war and peace support ballistic add-on.
The C1 Ariete features a three-tier passive armour upgrade and a two-tier spaced armour upgrade, granting a decent degree of protection on the MBT's frontal arc and excellent defence against HEAT rounds; nevertheless, this tank does still remain one of the least protected high-tier MBTs in the game. along with the S.Korean K1; mainly due to the absence of reactive armour upgrades: the sides and the rear are extremely weak and one should never rely too much on its front armour as well.
Electrically operated smoke grenade dischargers are mounted either side of the turret in the forward firing position.
The tank also features a one-tier active protection system upgrade: it is fitted with the RALM laser warning receiver produced by BAE Systems Italia. The RALM sensor head is mounted on the forward part of the turret and gives 360° coverage.

Main gun and ammunition:
• Main armament upgrades: three-tier upgrade. (Upgrade class III)

• Ammunition types and upgrades:
Armor Piercing (AP): three-tier ammo upgrade available. Damage increased with each tier. (Upgrade class III)
Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS): four-tier ammo upgrade available. Damage increased with each tier. (Upgrade class IV)
High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT): four-tier upgrade available. Damage increased with each tier. (Upgrade class IV)
High Explosive (HE): four-tier upgrade available. Damage increased with each tier. (Upgrade class IV)

The C1 Ariete can engage stationary and moving targets by day and by night, while the tank itself is stationary or on-the-move. The main gun is a 44 calibre 120mm auto-frettaged smoothbore gun manufactured by Oto Melara. The gun is fitted with a thermal sleeve, a fume-extraction system and a muzzle reference system. The gun is stabilised in two axes by hydraulic servoes and can fire all available types of ammunition including APFSDS (armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot) and HEAT (high-explosive anti-tank) rounds. The tank carries 42 rounds of 120mm ammunition, the turret bustle accommodating 15 rounds of ammunition and 27 rounds being stored in the hull.

The tank's fire control system is the TURMS FCS produced by Galileo Avionica (formerly Officine Galileo) of Firenze, Italy. It includes a day / night stabilised commander's panoramic periscope sight, gunner's stabilised sight with thermal imager, a self stabilised optical sight with IR camera and laser rangefinder, and a digital fire control computer. The digital fire control computer downloads data from the tank's meteorological and wind sensors, together with the tank attitude, barrel wear characteristics, ammunition and target data. The computer calculates the fire control algorithms and is used to control the gun, the sighting systems and the laser rangefinder.
The turret and weapon elevation is controlled by an electro-hydraulic system with manual backup.
The C1 Ariete features a three-tier main armament upgrade, greatly increasing the main gun's damage and accuracy. The upgrade, however, also reduces the tank's speed and acceleration. due to the increased weight of the gun and fire-control system, starting from the second tier of the upgrade.
Once fully upgraded, the damage dealt by the C1 Ariete's main armament is extremely high for its tier range: certainly one of the highest dealt by an MBT's main gun, and, without any doubts, the main reason why this tank is highly feared on the battlefield.

• Engine upgrades: four-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class IV)

The C1 Ariete is powered by a Fiat V-12 MTCA (modular turbo-charged aftercooler) turbo-charged, 12 cylinder, diesel engine developing 937kW (1,273hp). An improved version of the MTCA engine has been developed by Iveco and is expected to be fitted during revision of the existing tanks. The engine can produce 1,600hp at 1,800rpm. The automatic transmission system, licensed from the German company ZF, has four forward and two reverse gears, and incorporates the steering system and hydraulic retarder. The final drives are epicyclic.
The running gear consists of seven dual rubber-lined road wheels, plus four return rollers on each side with connector type tracks. The double pin track was designed by the German company Diehl. The suspension system consists of a torsion bar and hydraulic bumper on each suspension arm.
The C1 Ariete is capable of a maximum speed in excess of 65km/h and the maximum gradient is 60%.
Unsurprisingly, the MBT's in-game counterpart is extremely fast and agile as well, thanks to a four-tier engine upgrade.
The engine itself is located at the rear end of the tank, in a slightly-elevated position in comparison to the rest of the hull. The engine is compact and subsequently not particularly easy to hit: engine fires and breakdowns shouldn't be a common issue.

Reloading system / Loader skill:
• Reloading system / Loader skill upgrades: three-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class III)

The C1 Ariete's main gun is loaded manually; a three-tier loader skill upgrade results in an average RoF; however, the main armament's outstanding damage output means the C1 Ariete's resulting DPM is nothing to laugh at..

Turret rotation system:
• Turret rotation system upgrades: two-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade Class II)

The C1 Ariete features a two-tier turret rotation system upgrade: once fully upgraded, the tank can perform a full turret rotation in just over 10 seconds, meaning you should always be aware of your surroundings lest you get outmaneuvered and unable to get your main gun on the target: use your superior manoeuvrability to effectively make up for this.

Additional upgrades:
• Radio upgrades: one-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class I)
• Radar upgrades: two-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class II)
• Smoke grenade dischargers upgrades: three-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class III)
• Infrared optics upgrades: one-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class I)
• Thermal optics upgrades: one-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class I)
• Fording kit upgrades: one-tier upgrade available. (Upgrade class I)
• Floating kit upgrades: no upgrades available. (N.A.)

Getting the best outta it ~
~ Dealing with one ~    
Now that we have analyzed the characteristics of the Type 99, it's time to sum up:

• Decent front armour at its tier range; allowing to reliably engage most enemies head on, should the need arise; however, don't put too much faith in it.
• Very effective spaced armour upgrade grants an excellent degree of protection against HEAT rounds.
• Very high damage damage output, one of the highest dealt by any MBT's main gun in the entire game: your hits are definitely going to leave a mark.
• Amazing power-to-weight ratio: this tank is extremely agile as well as featuring great acceleration.
• High speed, along with a high reverse gear.
• Great DPM for its tier range. 

• The tank's health pool is below average for its tier range and doesn't effectively make up for its lack of protection.
• Total absence of reactive armour upgrades.
• Passive armor values, aside from the front, are negligible.
• High silhouette.

Getting the best out of it:
The C1 Ariete, as I initially stated, is not ranked among the highest-tier MBTs of NATO tech tree; however, this tank is nvertheless one of the most effective and powerful units at its tier range, being perfectly capable of dominating the battlefield and turning the tide of battle with relative ease. Hence why the C1 Ariete is largely regarded as an excellent moneymaker, especially if you avoid higher-tier rooms: getting one is highly recommended.
Despite featuring a high degree of protection against HEAT rounds, thanks to a very effective spaced armour upgrade, the C1 Ariete isn't really well suited for head on engagements: this tank doesn't feature any reactive armor upgrade, meaning that the damage dealt by enemy units is mitigated only by the tank's passive armour, which, however, isn't very effective indeed; also, many players are likely to quickly switch to kinetic energy rounds, such as AP or APDS; therefore, it's advised not to risk it, unless forced to.
On the other hand, thanks to its amazing mobility, the C1 Ariete is perfectly suited for close-range engagements and finds itself at ease in small-sized maps: the C1 Ariete's agility is excellent, being able to easily outmanoeuvre, even with little momentum, almost any opponent at its tier, while avoiding, at the same time, most of the returning shots, mainly thanks to the amazing reverse speed and great acceleration, which allow to make sudden, evasive manoeuvres, not easily expected by most players. Despite its passive amour values being almost negligible, the front section of the tank is still tough enough to reliably withstand enemy fire when closing the distance, while the Ariete's powerful gun will make quick work of any opponent you are likely going to face.
It's worth to mention that one may prefer not getting all the tiers of the passive armour upgrade; especially when considering they don't improve the situation that much, protection-wise. This would help keep the tank's level down, improving the Ariete's mobility at the same time due to a lighter weight: the choice is up to you.

Dealing with one:
The C1 Ariete should never be underestimated: this MBT is a fearsome opponent at its tier range and it won't be hard to find one on the battlefield: embrace yourself and keep focused: no tank is invincible.
First of all, HEAT rounds, despite all, are more of a reliable choice when using tanks featuring a low rate of fire: the Ariete's spaced armour does quite well at its job; however, this MBT's outstanding damage output means you have to maximize your damage output as well.
AP rounds are definitely a viable solution when using tanks featuring a higher RoF: the Ariete's passive armour isn't particularly thick; just avoid shooting at well-angled surfaces.
When it comes to head on engagements, shoot either at the lower front plate or, preferably, at the tank's tracks: you will thus even have a chance to immobilize it, effectively preventing your opponent from outflanking you. Remember, in fact, that, most of the times, an experienced C1 Ariete's driver will try and outflank you in order to avoid your returning fire and have a chance to hit your weaker sides and rear with the tank's powerful main gun.
Undertake any countermeasure to avoid being unable to return fire: in order to outmanoeuvre you, the C1 Ariete has to show its extremely weak hull side armour; take full advantage of that and you shouldn't have much trouble dealing with one.

Here I end my review of the C1 Ariete; probably what Primo Carnera would have looked like if he been a tank: a towering beast packing a punch you are sure to remember.
I apologize in advance should something written being wrong and I hope you enjoyed it.
Take care on the battlefield, fellow tank commanders!

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• All of you who took time to read this review!

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